Is google ads really worth investing in ?

Yes, google ads are a powerful way to advertise your product.

Not only does it allow businesses of any size to advertise to millions of people, but it’s not that expensive. Considering businesses can start, stop, and adjust their bids at any time this gives companies huge flexibility. Compared to other forms of advertising.

Whether you want paid traffic or organic – It’s the only channel that can Guarantee a profit.

Google Adwords works extremely well if you understand the platform and how to design ads, write ads, headline, and the Google Adwords ecosystem. you can manage a couple of Adwords accounts for clients and depending on your business and niche, it can be extremely successful. Another reason is Adwords shows up in search – people are searching for you. Not like Facebook ads which are actually an interrupt to what you are here for.

If your website is up it should be connected to Google so it’s a quick find. Google has guide line for your business to show up on its search and don’t want any scamming sites on there.

Depends on your marketing objectives

In fact, it totally depends on your marketing objectives. In some cases Google Ads works the best and in the other case Facebook and other platforms generate the better ROI.

The success of Google Ads depends a lot on what industry your in. If it’s something more generic like pizza or a plumber where a quick sale is possible you’ll have a lot more luck. If it’s a more niche industry however where people need to do their research first, you can spend a lot of money and get little back in return. Your website also had to be up to par and able to convert visitors into paying customers.

The real question would be: is online advertising for my business worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely. With the way to do business is changing, and people’s attention is shifting to something online, it’s definitely worth the investment. Plus it’s still underpriced. Especially social media. But hey, you’re just gonna have to test it out! Think of it as a gym with TONS of equipment: you try different types of free weights/ machine equipment CONSISTENTLY enough that you start seeing some type of result, then whichever brings you the best result you slowly start to learn more of it, different variations of it, add more weight, shoot for more reps, etc. Apply that similar principal when it comes to growing your business.

Your business model

You can spent a ton in FB ads only to find out that my customers were on LinkedIn for free?

The best way to find out what marketing works best is to first test it. Then continually track data of leads and conversions. This will give you an edge over competition because you will know what types of marketing work best in what areas and what time of year.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are cheaper and way easier to reach your target market. Only downfall is you need to have quality content for those platforms. Really depends on the product though and who your target market is. If it’s a B2B product your best bet is probably LinkedIn.

There is 2 ways of digital advertising:

1 – broadcast your ads to targeted group (facebook, instagram, linkedin, google advertising network)
2 – search ads – when potentional buyer search for your service/products (google search, bing, yahoo…)
Broadcasting ads is cheaper than search, but it depends on size of your target group and they response you need to make test and see what to use.
Allotting money on marketing is essential for business growth. But If really want to promote business in a big mass with minimum cost then digital marketing is the right way to get potential customer and good quality leads.

Organic or paid

Looking at the stats more people are trusting organic search results as opposed to paid listings.
Google Ads works as a short term solution. If you’re looking for long term solutions then maybe looking into seo as well will help. Paid traffic is an accelerator and most of your results for your paid traffic campaigns happen off the platforms

Yes it is worth investing and it depends how u are using it or what your business goals are. We are The AdsSpirit & we deal with Creating and Designing ads professionally.
Now keep in mind that a successful ads campaign will take at least one month of data and market research to really identify and create a proper campaign

Google Ads – Here are some tips

13 AdWords Mistakes You Are Probably Making

1. Not setting the correct days, time or location: Your customers will not be able to call you if you are closed and you may not be able to swiftly respond to their e-mails. If you have a brick and mortar or location dependent business, then you also typically want to keep the location targeting within 20 miles.
2. Wrong Campaign Type: Make sure you pick ”Search Network Only”. If you make a Display Campaign, separate it from the “Search Network Only” campaign. Do not use “Campaign type Search Network with Display Select” because the results are mixed and difficult to analyze.
Make sure “include search partners” box is ticked
3. Make sure that broad match or exact match is not used. Use broad match modified or phrase match instead as those will get you a better balance between volume and lead/click quality.
4. Not Looking at Matched Based Phrase Queries: Use the “matched search query” from Adwords to see which unwanted keywords trigger your ad and add them to the negative keyword list.
5. Automatic Bidding: Make sure manual bidding is enabled, don’t let google rob you.
6. Landing Page not relevant to ad: Make your landing page as relevant to your ad as possible. If your customer is looking to get a ”brake repair”, do not take them to your home page, take them to the brake repair page. This will increase your conversions without spending extra money on ads.
7. Not Having Negative Keywords: If you sell prescription glasses and someone types in “wine glasses”, you do not want your ppc ad to come up.
8. Bidding Bo Boos: Do not rely on google bid estimates. Watch the position and click-through-rate(CTR). Increase and lower bids according to that.
Ad rank 1-3 is expensive and may be clicked in error. Rank 3-6 is the sweet spot because it costs less and still has visibility.
9. Not paying Attention to mobile: Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly.
Make sure you have a separate campaign for mobile ads. Decrease mobile bids by 100 percent on other campaigns.
10. Location: Double Check to make sure that your ad is targeting people in the location you selected. Go to campaign settings~location options~target~people in my targeted location
11. No Remarketing: Set up the code on your website and remember to market to people who have already visited your website. These people are much more likely to convert.
12. Bad Ad copy and no A/B testing: Try different ads and see what sticks
13. Not using Ad extensions: Make sure you enable ad extensions because they make the ad more robust and can increase click throughs by 10 to 15 percent according to google and they do not cost an extra fee.

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