Eye catching static, animated and HTML5 unique banner ads

We at AdsSpirit design beautiful STATIC, GIF and HTML5/Rich Media/Responsive banners for Adwords, Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, or custom made for your advertisement needs.

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We at AdsSpirit make all common types of html5 banner ads, simple, responsive and advanced. All are Manual Works.

We go beyond making functional html5 banners to give next-level, eye-catching designs that will intrigue. At AdsSpirit, we pay special attention to detail.

Our aim is to make it easy to order and to get it all done with the highest quality.

Responsive HTML5 banners

Before you order, Responsive HTML5 banner sizes

The height of a Responsive html5 banner doesn’t really matter in responsive design so you can use any height we like. But choosing a height doesn’t mean your ad is stuck at that height, we can have multiple heights defined for each of our responsive ad. These ads should use the same pixel heights as traditional banner sizes

31px “micro” Responsive banner
micro bar (88 x 31)

60px “button” Responsive banner
button 2 (120 x 60)
half banner (234 x 60)
full banner (468 x 60)

90px “banner” Responsive banner
button 1 (120 x 90)
leaderboard (728 x 90)

125px “small rectangle” Responsive banner
square button (125 x 125)

250px “medium rectangle” Responsive banner
vertical banner (120 x 240* Close enough!)
square pop-up (250 x 250)
medium rectangle (300 x 250)

400px “large rectangle” Responsive banner
vertical rectangle (240 x 400)

600px “skyscraper” Responsive banner
skyscraper (120 x 600)
wide skyscraper (240 x 600)
half-page ad (300 x 600)

The 7 pixel-AD-heights sizes above give you a nice range in vertical size and with variable widths that cover the most popular ad sizes in use. Of course as with traditional html5 or static banners you can order custom sizes for your needs.

Rich media HTML5 Ads

At ADsSpirit, we offer also Rich Media Banners. Rich media banners will lets your ads campaign elicit strong user response.

A Responsive HTML5 Ads with a flexible size which adapts to the Publisher ad slots.

We offer

– animated
– custom Publisher ad slots (sizes)
– full coverage (one ad cover all)
– GSAP Banners (Hand coded)

learn more | examples

Rich media banners – by request.


Hand coding Banners – HTML5 Banners made by Js and GSAP.

See some of the benefits of an HTML5 banner ad

– No matter what browser or visitor are on, the html5 banner will display and animate the same.

– You no longer have to squeeze all that information into a single image. HTML5 Banners AD have additional information, thanks to the ability to have multiple slides. This is why HTML5 banners are more creative.

– A small static or animated Gif banner, created for mobile devices can often look unreadable and blurry.

You can reach audiences in two different Ways. Some users engage better with video online , others with text, Using the HTML5 banner format, you can provide all of those in one single one successful ad.


GIF ads are like static banners with changing slides and therefore more eye-catching.

More slides also mean more space for your message and room for multiple images (for example, you can showcase more messages and products).

Note, GIF animated banners for AdWords arrive at 5fps for a frame rate.

We provide you quality designed static banner ad and animated Gif banner with guarantee the increase in the number of clicks and generate more traffic for your advertising campaign. We at ADsSpirit aim to fulfill the each desire of our customer at affordable rate because customer satisfaction is our priority.

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It is the most common banner type for advertising and it should be a good fit for AdWords and any display campaign, including Facebook ads and banners ads for mobile targeting.

It’s recommended to use the type static banners if the advertising platform you’re using imposes strict restrictions on file size (under 100, 75KB etc).

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Choose the static type and please mention you need them for Facebook since there are certain guidelines we need to respect: the size must be 1200×628 , there can be no more than 20% text on the banner and others. We do Image text check to know if the advert meets 20% rule.

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…make an impact online, with the perfect animation and messages.

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