Design of advertising web banners.

Yes, Most people think the web banner needs only nice photos and colors. Well, it also needs great content, exciting design and show it to the right people.

The content

This topic is discussed on various places and forums knocking about to share your trading thoughts . Which colours do I have to use Which ad banner design works best? What kind of photos should I choose to make the banner look good?

But But relatively a few people is solving the content! One of the most important thing regarding your advertising ad & banners.

And for instance

If you see on an online banner a message, that tonight at your favorite Greek restaurant “Mykonos” will be a 30% discount for dinner for two what will you do?

So pleased to be back again.
You take your wife, or girlfriend, to a special place .

Will you be interested in colour of Banner?

Or you thinking

Brighter colors, on the other hand, can capture attention for as much as two seconds.

Concise and clear

On the banner ad is placed one single information. Very concise and clear.

Dinner and save up to 30% off when dining for two persons
1st of December, 2017
Your favorite Greek restaurant, Mykonos
This is also the information that has a high value for you. Right? Because you like delicious Greek foods like moussaka and this restaurant. The web ad banner is shown to the right people. Restaurant targets its advertising banners on their guests.

Say it all with a Picture

As mentioned, a picture depicts 100 words; drive your audience interest towards your service through an image blended with your creativity. Go for simple and funny creatures that have the potential to make the user feel connected with banner issue.

New tools for new world

Digital technologies and platforms make you innovative and progressive firm. However, you can often face problems and confusion in contributing to an ad. In that case, grab new tools that can help you composing interactive ads. Realy? Dont trust Apps , you need only the professionals.

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