UGC videos

We’ll produce engaging UGC video for your TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. TIK TOK is a booming and viral social media plate form.We will help you to grow your business and achieve your goal.

This video will be perfect to be used as an ad

You will get optimized UGC-videos that can be perfectly used as an advertisement or organic post for any brand or product.

A design review does not require the physical product as long as there is sufficient data from the manufacturers, testers, expert sources.

We don’t offer customer physical product review.

We will provide you

Our offer Include:

⚬ A dynamic and lively on-camera presence
⚬ Professional delivery of your script
⚬ A skill in making the script captivating for your viewers
⚬ A solid grasp of the script and the message you want to convey

How much do you charge for UGC?

The figures you’re about to see are the asking prices from our pool UGC creators.

To bring some more transparency into creator pricing, specifically for user generated content for TikTok, Instagram or Facebook one piece of UGC, in this case, refers to a 9:16 vertiacal video, 15 seconds in length and average UGC price: $90

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